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I just bought a vacation home. Do I need to purchase a specific type of insurance?

Vacation HomeInsuring a vacation home is different from insuring a primary residence. As a result, you’ll want to purchase insurance that is specifically geared to provide coverage for this type of property.


When insuring a vacation home, the type and cost of coverage will vary, depending upon the insurance company and the state in which your vacation home is located.


Most insurers offer at least some type of insurance that is specifically designed for second/vacation homes. Coverage under these types of policies can range from standard coverage that protects against certain named perils, to more comprehensive coverage that protects against all perils unless specifically excluded in a policy. Continue reading

Will my homeowners insurance policy cover hurricane damage?

HurricaneIt depends. While the types of coverage offered by standard homeowners insurance policies vary, windstorms are one of the basic perils that most standard homeowners insurance policies will cover. This means your policy should compensate you for loss/damage to your home that results from a hurricane or other windstorm (e.g., broken windows, torn roof, damage from fallen trees).


Keep in mind that if you live in an area of the country that is prone to hurricanes (e.g., the coastal region of Florida), an insurance company may exclude coverage for hurricane damage from a standard homeowners insurance policy. And even if an insurance company does provide coverage, homeowners insurance policies in states that are at a high risk for hurricanes often contain a separate, higher deductible for hurricane damage.

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